Lua Anyone?

I’ve been coding for about 12 weeks and I want to hopefully make a career as a game dev (If I for some reason don’t become a doctor like I want to :P) but I noticed there was a missing language and it is Lua. I also play Roblox and want to start by making games there but the thing is I don’t know how to code on there. (In case you didn’t know Roblox uses a mix of Lua and C++) I am starting to learn C++ here on Codecademy and hopefully I can use what I learn to code on Roblox. I also have seen lots of requests of Lua on Codecademy. (Example) I honestly think it will help lots of people that want it and probably get more people on Codecademy to learn Lua for their games.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

They are making a course for lue right now actually. It will be released this fall. View the post on the roadmap

Oh wow actually? Thanks man!