Ls -l help in exercice 3

Please i need help i don’t understand what is necessary.

Hi Miguel,

Type ls -l into the terminal.

I have tried this and it doesn’t work

You only need to type “ls” (LS), but this is the exercise 2, in the exercise 3 you just have to type “pwd”(PWD).

May the force be with you! Good luck on your journey!

where would it have to be placed

I’m not understanding your doubt here @emhubb96. On my view into the exercise, there is only one option to choose from for where you can type commands.

The ls -l has to be read as ls with a -lowercase L
as I think you are using -1 read as minus-one.

Typing PWD doesn’t help in step 3, how can I get pass this?

use cd comedy/
it will work then because cd changes the directory