"ls" command


I tried typying "ls" into the command prompt on my PC just to see what would happen and I got an error message. Why is that?


On Windows, unless you use PowerShell, the command to list the contents of a directory is:



Use the change directory command to switch into the comedy/ directory.

help me with this


You will be using cd because that is the change directory command. What you add on to the cd will depend on where the comedy directory is compared to where you are now.

Is the comedy directory a parent or a child of your working directory?


on pc its ls. the letter before "m".It's a lower case L. Not trying to say that you probably wouldn't understand. But the characters don't look the some which is what I noticed. I tried 1 then an "I" upper case i. Then I tried lower case L


yes it's "ls" which stands for "list (directory contents)" and it works on linux command line on windows it's "dir".