Loving the Swift Course!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, Codecademy, and Sonny Li, for this awesome Swift course! :slight_smile: I’m really enjoying it and get excited for each lesson I complete. Strangely, I also get more and more sad because the course is closer to coming to an end :frowning: It’s a bitter sweet, lol…


This post makes me really really want to take that course


It’s a great course! I’m also studying Swift and SwiftUI ( Xcode) outside of this, but this course is very well done, drills you on the basics, and gets you closer to doing cool things like programming an iOS app :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, I find Swift to be eerily similar to Python. This is great because I know I’ll need to get back into the Python course and finish that up too.

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Your excitement is infectious, and I love it. Hope to get to see some of your creations in the future!

Thanks! I hope you get time to be doing what you want to do on Codecademy, and studying what you think will help you. What brought you to the Swift portion of the forum, anyway? What are you studying here at Codecademy?

I hope I can get the opportunity to create some of the things that are in my head; especially in Swift! That would be cool!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

I actually wasn’t in the Swift portion specifically. I like to help people in the forums, but checking each category can be time-consuming and the bot on Discord doesn’t repost every topic. Instead, what I started doing is checking the main Get Help category and scrolling down so I can see everything.

I’m studying all things related to web development. Started off with the Web Development career path that was recently retired and now I’m finishing up the newer Full-Stack Engineer career path since there was a lot of overlap. There’s so much more I want to study on Codecademy, and definitely will study in the future, but my time is almost up.

Make sure you get some of those things in your head jotted down for future development projects. Big things are coming for you, I know it.

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Swift is an awesome language, and it’s definitely worth learning!

Even outside of the Apple ecosystem, you can use Swift for server-side development with Vapor and even for machine learning with Swift for TensorFlow.

For both of those use cases you can develop on a Linux machine as well as MacOS, and soon I hope it will be fully supported for Windows.

XCode is not likely to ever be available outside of Mac computers, so you can’t build apps for iOS, ipadOS, MacOS, etc. on Linux or Windows, but Swift is a powerful language with a familiar syntax so I hope to see its popularity grow over the coming years.

Glad to see the excitement among users here on the forums!


Ha, thank you, @selectall ! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!

I love the newer ’ Path’ models that Codecademy introduced a couple of years ago. I want to do them all! I had a pretty good start on the Data Science path; got through SQL, and then was getting into Python but then got interrupted and haven’t gotten back to it.

Hopefully you can continue in the Pro plan! I find it to be worth every penny, even though it has not always been on my radar for study. You know what’s wild? I come from a sysadmin background / IT manager background ( Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux), and now getting back into IT it’s almost like no matter WHAT the job, knowledge of coding is always necessary ( in the job descriptions)! So… I made the decision that coding SHOULD always be on my radar and I need to get very proficient in something ( python or swift, IMHO).

Thanks for all the info, @el_cocodrilo ! I made the switch years ago to Mac when OSX came out - because OSX => now called MacOS => is BSD Unix :grimacing: , and I’m a huge Unix / Linux / Bash fan…

I’m using the new Xcode on Catalina. I started with the Codecademy Swift course, which is great(!), and am also planning on doing ’ 100 Days of Swift’ by Paul Hudson, and I got a ’ deal’ on Angela Yu’s iOS / Swift course on Udemy. I have ’ deal’ in air quotes because Udemy has sales like every 15 minutes, so you can almost always get courses that are $129 for $9.99 :laughing: But so far it’s a great course, too!

I have not gotten into any of the machine learning, but do LOVE that Swift can be utilized for that! I was already studying Python, and hope to be good with that, too. Swift is so eerily similar to Python - I love it :slight_smile:

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I’ll definitely sign up for Pro again once my job situation is worked out. I agree it’s totally worth it, and I’m committed to being a lifelong learner.

It sounds like we have a very similar background. I have a heavy background in IT management, sysadmin, devops, project management, training, etc., even overseeing development of a franchise-wide website, There were so many times when coding came in handy throughout the years. It’s a good decision to keep it on your radar.

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…even more similar still. I mentioned IT manager, but really go my start in that position as the Web Projects manager. It was a vendor company of a technology company in Silicon Valley. So while managing all things IT for the vendor company, I actually had my start with them as an HTML / CSS / JS code jockey & policeman for a very large website - enforcing standards site-wide. The company was bought by Oracle ( Sun Microsystems) after my contract had ended. The vendor company was a great place to be because although I was a Windows guy originally, I quickly also became a Mac, Unix, and Linux guy just because of all the great technologies needed to get our jobs done. Getting to do both positions, IT and Web Projects management, was incredible. I love when something starts out one way, but becomes something totally different, but it’s good :slight_smile:

In any case, hoping your job situation works out! It sounds like you have a great background and I know you’ll find something soon.

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