Lovely Loveseats

So im on the project for lovely loveseats and the task is to make a recipt i got all the way to step 17 and although its not printing an error in the terminal there seems to be something wrong with my code. step 17 requires me printing the description to the terminal. ive made a header for the recipt but it just wont print the item description
I’ve attached my code below and also attached a screenshot

lovely_loveseat_desciption = "Lovely Loveseat. Tufted polyester blend on wood. 32 inches high x 40 inches wide x 30 inches deep. Red or white."
lovely_loveseat_price = 254.00
stylish_setee_description = "Stylish Settee. Faux leather on birch. 29.50 inches high x 54.75 inches wide x 28 inches deep. Black."
stylish_setee_price = 180.50
luxurious_lamp_description = "Luxurious Lamp. Glass and iron. 36 inches tall. Brown with cream shade."
luxurious_lamp_price = 52.15
sales_tax = 0.88
customer_one_total = 0
customer_one_itemization = ""
customer_one_total += lovely_loveseat_price
customer_one_itemization += lovely_loveseat_desciption
customer_one_total += luxurious_lamp_price
customer_one_itemization += luxurious_lamp_description
customer_one_tax = customer_one_total * sales_tax
sales_tax + customer_one_total
print ("Customer One Items:")
print = customer_one_itemization

print() is a function not a variable declaration. You have to pass a value thru that. Look how you used it above that.

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Right, i see what you mean now i was doing that before but i was doing print (*****) rather than print(****) much appreciated