Lots of Blood, Sweat and Tears but I finally DONE IT!

Hey Everyone!

After a lot of time working on this project with 3 overhaul changes to my website from the first wireframe I gotta say I’m so proud of my first website portfolio and I hope to improve on it in the future with more projects!
Also as it is a project I did please click on the “are you hiring?” button for a funny surprise :slight_smile:

It was hard with a lot of debugging and sitting on my chair for so long to make everything work as I should but I love the end result.
Please let me know what do you think and share your thoughts!

*ps responsive design is so hard :sleepy:

Thanks everyone!


I really like your website, I wish you much luck for the future!

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I love the Are You Hiring button! :rofl:


Haha Thank you!
first thing I wanted in my website :laughing:

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This looks cool. I like that the wallpaper changes when you scroll down. How did you do that?

This scroll effect is called:“parallex scrolling”.
After a lot of youtube and chatgpt later and I found the best way to implament into my site.
Glad you liked it!


Very nice website man! keep up the good work!

Awesome, awesome website!! The scrolling affect is so cool and I love the change that happens when you click on the hiring button, hilarious!!!

Your portfolio is a testament to your impressive technical proficiency and keen aesthetic sense. The way you’ve seamlessly integrated advanced functionalities with visually appealing designs.