Lots of Blood, Sweat and Tears but I finally DONE IT!

Hey Everyone!

After a lot of time working on this project with 3 overhaul changes to my website from the first wireframe I gotta say I’m so proud of my first website portfolio and I hope to improve on it in the future with more projects!
Also as it is a project I did please click on the “are you hiring?” button for a funny surprise :slight_smile:

It was hard with a lot of debugging and sitting on my chair for so long to make everything work as I should but I love the end result.
Please let me know what do you think and share your thoughts!

*ps responsive design is so hard :sleepy:

Thanks everyone!


I really like your website, I wish you much luck for the future!

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I love the Are You Hiring button! :rofl:

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Haha Thank you!
first thing I wanted in my website :laughing:

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This looks cool. I like that the wallpaper changes when you scroll down. How did you do that?

This scroll effect is called:“parallex scrolling”.
After a lot of youtube and chatgpt later and I found the best way to implament into my site.
Glad you liked it!