Lost streak, lost challenge?

I am considering doing the 30-day Challenge and was wondering, if I happen to lose my streak within the thirty days, will I have to start over? I assumed yes, but wanted to get some clarifacation first.:man_technologist::fox_face:

As I understand it, the 30-day challenge is a “self policing” thing - that is, nobody is going to loom over you and make you do something every day for 30 days or turn you in if you forget one day.

The idea, though, is to do some coding every day for 30 days - so if you didn’t one day, then yes I suppose you would have “failed” the challenge… but like I said, it’s meant as motivation above all else so don’t stress about it too much. :smiley:

But will I have to start the whole challenge over?

No, but like @thepitycoder said, in all honesty, you lose the challenge but the challenge still continues as if you didn’t miss a day.

I don’t code on Codecademy every day as I am building a project outside this platform. Sure I won’t have a streak, but I know myself I will have succeeded.

Not that I have lost my streak, but I am running an error in my hangman program. I would appreciate it if someone could send me thoughtful notes or message me via email.

Gutted! I was 25 or so days into the 30-day-challenge, but I spent one full day trying to solve a practical assignment off the platform, so that day didn’t get counted towards continuous streak :sob: