Lost progress when changing languages

Hi, I dont know why but I have 4 courses in procces here in Codecademy but when I log in into my acc I can only see two projects started, like JavaScript and Create a Website and I dont see PHP neither Pyton, What can I do?

Hmm? So you lost your progress?

Hello @textrunner20029 I have noticed when folks loose progress that it may be due to logging into another account or accidentally creating another account.

Are you sure that you logged in the same way? Keep in mind, some people may have forgotten to log in using a verified account for example.

Did you notice any errors when you were submitting?

Let me know if that is the issue, if not we can continue to troubleshoot.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

No, the proccess isnt lost, but I can only continue by loggin into my Email and get into my account by the link provided by the email codecademy sent me when finished some steps of my course of php

Its the same account :confused: I dont know why I cant see my proccess in other courses, OOh I found my procces by changing the language from english to spanish…

Hmm, @textrunner20029 so you got it? Or you still having the problem?

Yeah, this is weird, cause I took PHP in Spanish and if I change to english I cant see the proccess, but In spanish I can…

Switching languages is like being a new user in that language. You can read more about that here:

Thanks, yeah thats what I saw, I got confused I told my brother to sign up to start learning and he said, But is in english, I said you can change the language right here (and changed), and suddenly I saw my procces in PHP and say Whats going on?

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