Lost my Codecademy profile

hello, first i apologize if this is in the wrong section but i really didnt know where to post this, so here is my problem: i havent been connected to Codecademy for a while since i was working on another project but now i have an interview to get in a programming school in the next month and the 3/4 months spent here totally disappeared from my profile (this school reckognizes this website’s profiles as validation of knowledge) wich i intended to show them in the interview, and i dont have time to redo all the courses since i’m not done working on the project i was going to showw them either ! So if anyone knows about this or can tell me where to ask it’d be welcome.

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This could mean you have signed in with a different method for example,

If you created your account by signing in to your google account your progress will be saved there.

If you created with your facebook account your progress wull be saved there.

But if you have a codecademy account your progress will be saved there. :slight_smile:

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