Lost in the Learning Process

Hey all,

I am currently going through the Web Development course and have just finished onto section 6. Before moving onto section 7 I wanted to have a go at the mysterious organism project. After hours of searching and testing different methods I really struggled to finish this project. Should I just carry on with the course or make it my mission to finish this project (its killing me). I find that throughout the course lessons I am fine and with the guided projects I am fine but when it comes to the thinking outside of the box to create these projects I really struggle. I understand that this will be a critical part of becoming a web developer so how would you overcome this issue? Any advice is appreciated as to what I should do next in my journey to learn.


Maybe take a week off this particular project. When you come back, you’ll be fresher.

You might also be missing something simple, that by nature of study is just in your blindside. So if you can verbalize the specific issues to people then maybe you’ll can come closer to the fundamental issue that’s holding you back in this one context.

I think it’s a little unfair to your self to think of problem solving as banging against a wall until it breaks… (I’m not saying that you’re doing that, I’m speaking conceptually)… one can only go so long like that without deteriorating one’s self-esteem and energy.

Don’t think about your specific project if you take time off it if you can help it. The brain is surprising in the way it can passively problem solve.


I feel like you are spot on with the banging the head against a wall analogy haha.

So would you say go back over the previous sections of the course look into it a little more and then come back?

I just don’t want to end up finding somebody else’s code and just copying it as it feels like it just defeats the whole object of the exercise.

I have got to say I was very close to doing that haha!

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You can even do some parallel or tangential. Do the sql modules (you’ll need some database knowledge for web dev) or even pick up. Read up/watch some videos on the basics of networks since it that knowledge can be very useful too but it’s not of the problem-solving nature. It’s up to you really. Trust your intuition in identifying that parallel thing that interests you and go to it for a little bit.

Okay cool sounds good thanks for the help!