Lost in Python to soon



It was interesting at first but then at about 40% i started visiting the Forum for FAQ's to help me pass the exercises. Now I'm at 50% of begginers course in Python and i got to the exercise 3/15 which is about recreating the battleship game, and I'm lost in all the terminology, and i lost the fluidity in understanding the code.

Although I must admit, I paused learning python for a week because of school and grades etc, but i didn't know it was going be this bad. I get that python is like math and if you don't practice it you will lack understanding of it, and you will fail in more complex exercises. Codeacademy is amazing and it got me so far and now that i have my free time to code again, I would hate myself for quitting, i love coding, got into it a month ago because i bought a dell laptop and it came with ubuntu and i started messing with the terminal commands then i used ZedShaw's tutorials (Learn python the hard way) and now I'm here! I also do html with css and unix :smile:

My question is to the Codeacademy community:
Do I have to rework my way through every exercise or is there a shortcut?


Hey Veneoveo,

Since it sounds like you've forgotten some Python stuff, you'll have to re-learn it. And I'm pretty sure there isn't a shortcut for learning, unfortunately :confused:
If you want to restart the course, the fastest way would be to create a new account on Codecademy and delete your old one. Otherwise, you could go through and reset each exercise manually.

I hope this helps, and good luck learning Python :)