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Hi there, everyone!

I keep loosing connection in the exercise board. I’ve already tried unblocking add block, cleaned out cookies and saecrh history, verified for browser updates. I have even restarted my computer. It has been almost an hour and it keeps disconnecting and trying to reconnect without success, Is it only happening with me?

Thank you!

Hey, I’ve been having the same issue. I haven’t changed any firewall or cookie settings but suddenly I can’t connect, regardless of device or browser…

I’m facing the same problem on Edge, Chrome and even in Android’s Chrome…


Just popping into say I’m also encountering the same issue. I’ve submitted a report through Submit a request – Codecademy Help Center I’d reccomend doing the same. Hopefully they can get this resolved shortly.

There’s also been some mention of it on the discord, maybe let people know there too if you have the time.

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There’s also a thread about this at Can't connect - #5 by datasolver60506

Hey folks,
same issue here.

C# course.

Same issue over here with Full-Stack course. I also submitted a report through the Submit a request in Help Center.

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I just received a supply from codecademy support, they’ve escalated the issue to their engineering team and they hope to have a fix implemented shortly. They’ve also told me they will follow up, once the issues been resolved.


It seems it has been fixed. At least mine has finally been able to connect! :slight_smile:


The issue seems to be resolved on my end as well.

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