Lost connection


I can’t seem to connect to codeacademy. I am logged in and was working through course but the connection is now lost and won’t reconnect.

I’m on a Mac using chrome, i have been through the solution they direct you to…“add these domains to your firewall” etc. but i have disabled the firewall and it is still not reconnecting.

Any ideas would be great!



Same problem, I’m on FireFox using Linux. Tried a lot of different lessons and had the same result, even rebooted.


same here, I’ve been trying to reconnect for a while now.

I lost my connection earlier and got it back after clearing my cache/history but now that won’t work either.

I’m on win10 using chrome


same problem with connection


ok so I left my page open and I am now connected. don’t know how long it will last !


See this post to stay updated with the current bug:

I hope this helps =)


Thanks for the help!


Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face: