Lost connection to codecademy

Hi all,

in first, sorry if my English is not correct I’m French.

Congratulations for new Course : ‘Learn, Javascript’ I like it so much new design.

I’m in Learn javascript 3 : controle Flow. Since one hour I’m Blocked

I have tried to restart Browser, clear cache etc, but nothing work Always this message !? Lost connection to codecademy

thanks for all.

I’m currently having problems with my SQL course too.

I’m having problems with the AngularJS course as well. Must be something everyone’s facing right now.

Hi ,
Thanks failedcoder and pyjumper3310

it’s seems that the problem is general. Probably more all people in codecademy server or something like that

Having the same problem in SQL: Table Transformation.

Hope they get it fixed soon!

Everything should be working now - let me know if this is still a problem for you, as then we’d need to gather more information from you. :slight_smile:


Problem is solved for me, all work perfectly now.

Thanks for your attention.

Hi, daniel, please, help me too, lost connection on javascript and other courses, work only python and html/css