Lost connection to Codecademy

I’ve been doing the Building Chatbots with Python skill path. I haven’t had any issues until today. For some reason, as soon as I type a few letters in the editor, the connection to Codecademy is lost and a second later it’s back up. But when I start typing in the editor again, the connection fails again. This keeps happening over and over. I’ve already restarted my router and pc, and cleared browser history, cookies and cache, thinking the problem was on my end, but this doesn’t help at all. Is the server down?

This happens to me sometimes, I find more errors happen in the evening than during the day. I also have not found a way to resolve it. Hopefully someone else has an answer, but maybe my reply will help to confirm it’s something on their end? lol

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Thank you for trying to help!

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You can try out the suggestions in this article (this may of help to @marth-main as well).


I’ve tried the suggestions and am honestly still having near-constant disconnections with the server. This wasn’t so common even a few months ago. Was there a spike in people joining? It’s more or less making the learning modules unusable at this point :confused:

Hmm, that’s interesting. Could there be something going on with the internet connection on your end? And are these connection issues limited to this specific skill path, or do they happen on all modules?

This is what I already did. I went through all of the suggestions I could find as I mentioned in my original post. I do not have any other internet connection issues. I have not tried other skill paths/modules.

Thanks @marth-main and @oddyshh . I’m going to tag in the community managers and perhaps they will be able to help you. @lilybird @alyssavigil

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Hi, @oddyshh. I’m will DM you to get more info so that I can help troubleshoot the issue!

@lilybird I sent you the details you asked for in the DMs.
While I said that the issue had resolved itself a few days ago, it seems to have returned now.
I keep losing connection while my internet connection doesnt have any issues. I’ve tried all the suggestions that were mention but nothing helps. It is starting to get really annoying, because I just want to be able to continue with the course.

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I’m having the same issues as @oddyshh. Have already tried all resolves listed here, including trying different browsers, restarting computer, router, clearing history and caches, etc. Still disconnects and reloads about every minute. Super annoying, any help would be great!

Hm, do you have any extensions installed in your browsers? They might be interfering.

I have only a couple… Last pass, React Dev tools

I am having the same issue. I have only been using this service a couple of days. I have done everything in the help area. Does anyone have any ideas? I have cleared search history, disabled my malwarebytes ext. It just stopped working in the middle of a lesson.

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Maybe try some of the suggestions in this article:

am getting same prob oof it’s really annoying I removed all extentions just in case also done all the other steps but keeps happening didn’t use to have it before tho

Welcome back to the forums! If the suggestions in the above articles don’t work, you can try contacting Codecademy customer support through their help centre (https://help.codecademy.com/hc/en-us), though it may take some time to get a reply as it is the holidays.