Lost Connection to Codecademy

I receive the message saying “Lost connection to Codecademy”. I am unable to proceed any further. Has anyone who has faced this issue been able to solve it? If so, please let me know

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I’ve been getting the same issue in both the CSS and Javascript courses I’m enrolled in… went to my IT department to try and get this resolved and there are no issues on our end, they’re saying it’s a problem with this site - because you have the same issue I’m assuming there’s nothing we can do to solve, sorry I can’t help, but you’re not alone!

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Getting the same issue on Python Coding PygLatin 10/11

from how many days its happening??

I’m having the same issues… I think I first noticed it on Friday afternoon.

I received today the same message (“Lost connection to Codecademy”) for Python.

once check your internet connection guys

This cannot be an internet connection issue, as they would have been unable to make their previous posts without an internet connection.

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Um,yeah, my internet connection is fine.

Still doesn’t work today, by the way. I was really enjoying codecademy too.

I’ll tell you what I told the users in the other thread about this issue and that is:

Well don’t give up on Codecademy just yet! They are working on a solution to these problems as we speak. Due to the new updates to courses and interface, I am sure some bugs have occurred. It just naturally happens, so even though its been a few days, give Codecademy a chance to diagnosis everything and I am sure once a solution is near they will post accordingly to let the community know. Until then, enjoy the holiday seasons! I know I am :wink: cheers!


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