Lost Connection to CodeAcademy



I can’t seem to get a connection with Codeacademy trying to do a tutorial about Javascript.

I restarted, change browsers, logged in again a few times, burt nothing seems to work.

I am trying to start up from the Netherlands, could this be a part of the problem?

Hope you guys can help me!



I have the same problem… the whole morning :frowning:


It’s widespread. same issue.
contacting them on twitter.


Me too… in javascript course from the Korea


Same problem here, also from the Netherlands.


Same problem on three different devices on two different networks. Been down since this morning.



Me too. Unable to connect all day here on Malta.
Tried 3 restarts (Mac OS 10.14.1 Mojave) on a hard wired connection, as well as an attempt to log in using an iPad (with latest software update) - wirelessly (on the same network).


I have de same problem!


Everybody has :wink:


Is being discussed in a separate thread: Error: Lost connection to Codecademy

Their engineer has already answered there - they’re working on the fix, with no ETA though.


Thanks everyone for your patience as the team works to resolve this issue. Special thanks to @iworkms for directing everyone on this thread to Error: Lost connection to Codecademy where we’ll be updating everyone regularly until there’s a resolution. On a personal note, I understand finding time to study isn’t easy as it is, and this blocker is unnecessary difficulty, so we’re really working hard to remove this as fast as we can now.

I sincerely appreciate you bearing with us.


Yes! I lost connection too today! Can’t this be fixed somehow?


Ok. Thanks for telling us!