Lost connection to codeacademy


Is there any way that i can solve this probelm?

dang it


have you checked any of the existing topics:

Codecademy connection problems
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Please check existing topics before making a new. Thank you


None of the link was helpful.
I think this problem happened in 2016. and it happens again after 2 years.
but no clear answer to the problem. haha.
let’s say nobody knows how to fix it haha.


Apparently servers are down this time


The topics i linked to are from today! The problem from today might be very different then two years ago, all you see is that the servers are down.


problems can be re-occurring, no need to hijack multiple topics for it (hijacking itself is already a violation of the guidelines)

clearly this is again a server problem, so we will work on it. But please stop spamming the forum, it won’t make the fix go faster.


I’v found solution under help of Codecademy’s team. Many thanks to them.
It has been proved that the website codecademy.com was blocked in the country in which I live. I installed the Touch VPN extension in the Chrome browser, and the connection was restored.