"Lost connection to CodeAcademy"


I’m trying to check out this lesson for learning Java, but in the top right-hand corner it says it’s lost the connection to code academy and the code editor is grayed out and due to this, I cannot proceed into the lesson at all. I’ve tried multiple browsers and turned off all addons, still no go.

I’m having the same issue.

the web site is dead! seems like they dont care. sad

that is absolutely not true. If you have connection problems its best to contact support:


and you could look in the browser console, there could also be a hint which you can then google? Codecademy uses several services, your network firewall might be blocking

Its just that without the proper information, we can’t do much, and topics about the matter already exist, so then it becomes tedious, boring and repetitive to answer such questions.

The people helping on the forum don’t get paid for this, in case you where thinking that

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Looks like my company’s Barracuda gateway is blocking access to this site:

The explanation was that it looks like a “parked domain”.

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