Lost connection again

The Lost Connection problem seemed to be solved until just recently. Now it is of a different nature and even more annoying. I keep loosing and gaining connection multiple times each minute that passes!

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Just to cover the basics, can you try:

  • a different browser, to see if you get the same problem?
  • clearing your cache, if the problem is only on one browser, or
  • rebooting your computer, as a first step.

There were some problems with the Codecademy site earlier today, but they seem to be fixed now. At least, the lesson environment is working OK for me so I presume it’s fixed.

If you still get the problem, let us know. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the problem persists. I tried all the suggestions, there is no change. At this moment, it’s just “Lost connection” problem. So it does not connect to Codecademy even for short periods of time. Hopefully, the comment will be usefull.

It seems to be a permanent problem of Codecademy’ s server. Have you solve your problem? I have got the same.