Lost all progress

I lost all my progress, and I read the article


i did not change the language and I cant understand the second meaning…


" In order to restore your progress, sign in with the email address or service with which you originally made your Code academy account." ryanCodecademy Team Member

what does the meaning of “sign in”, i try “log in” but still cant find any progress and try “sign up” appear “the account already taken”

what can i do???

It looks like you have a typing mistake in the email address that you are signed into this account with.

I can see that this user has successfully logged into codecademy.com with their other account so I think that this is sorted now.

I have also lost all progress in Python - originally signed in with Google and am still using the same Google account, did not change language preferences. My account even shows the progress is 30% and I am able to see messages from March 21, yet when I click on “Resume” it takes me to the first exercise and all later exercises are locked. Most frustratingly, I was in the middle of the Slice exercises when everything went sideways.

#Update: I noticed only the first module was unchecked, so I did it again, and clicking next took me to where I had left off.

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