Lost all progress

After taking an extended break from coding, I returned to my HTML course only to find the “Start” button instead of “Continue”. I had completed over 45% of the course, and my progress is being tracked at work with a fast approaching deadline. Am I forced to start over or is there any way to get my progress back?

A lot of courses got updated and replaced recently, so your progress on the old course will have disappeared. No, there’s no way to get your progress back, sorry.


I don’t like this at all either. I had four completed courses, now I only have two and one has been reset and says 0%. Plus I now have Python and Ruby added to my list when I have not even chosen them. It’s all very well updating courses and removing old versions, but the fact that you have completed them still should show in your profile, old course or new. I am not amused at this, no thought to the students of your courses. :frowning:

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If you’ve completed them, you should still have the badge you got for completing it:



Yep, I just noticed this about mine too and I’m so disappointed. I had at least 80% of HTML finished. Luckily, I know most of it by now but I like to have my progress there in my account.

Wish there was a way to retrieve it :frowning:

You’ll still have all of the badges and points you earned from the old courses, but the progress disappears with the course unfortunately.

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This happened to me too today. Really, really disappointed – had completed the majority of the HTML course.

Isn’t there any way of recuperating all the progress that has been (pretty unfairly) taken from us?

It’s true that the badges still show up on my profile, but I really think that they don’t count for very much if you have to restart the course from scratch.

Am reluctant to restart in case the same thing happens again a few months down the line.

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Here’s something to consider:

Who cares about the badges, % progress, or anything like that? This is merely just some sort of gamification to foster user engagement. I too had completed some courses that were taken down and replaced by new ones. And I retook the courses. Why?

  • This field of work is ever changing, ever evolving. If you want a career in web developement, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends, language updates, in order to move forward with the industry. Else, you’ll be left behind. Besides, a refresher’s never hurt anyone.

  • No one, ever, will care about the badges you got on here. What matters, though, is what you’ve learned, the skills you’ve acquired/developed, and how proficient you’ve become with a language. That’s what matters.

  • It hasn’t been unfairly taken from us. They warned. Months and months prior notice. But just like the industry, Codecademy is moving on too. It’s our job to keep up. Most employers will require you to stay on top of the latest trends, and to keep learning in order to improve your skills and stay relevant.

  • It will happen, again, down the line. Courses will be updated, old ones taken down, progress lost. But the knowledge that you acquired in the first place remains, and that’s what you should be focusing on. Not some badges, knowledge.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is what it is. The plain, simple, truth. Keep up or get left behind.

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When did you last log in? There haven’t been major changes for a while, as far as I know…

Unfortunately, no.

They don’t count for anything in the real world, as @ghostlovescore pointed out.

The content on Codecademy is always being updated/improved, and every so often courses will be completely removed or replaced. It happens. The new courses now probably won’t be there in 5 years, but if you decide to not learn with CC because the course you’re taking will disappear in a few years, then you may as well not learn anywhere, since everyone updates their content regularly, and a “new” course here, elsewhere online, or in school/bootcamp, will be “old” and “outdated” in a couple of years, max.