Lost all progress & site defaulting to Spanish

have been working through courses for a while now on Chrome. Finished html/css and was through a lot of Java. Coded for a few hours this morning but went back now to see the site defaulting to Spanish and on the Ruby course 0% with all my other progress lost. Tried resetting password, logging in through Facebook, clearing cache in Chrome, Safari, Firefox–no fix. And each method no matter what is defaulting to Spanish for some reason. Any ideas?

This sounds like your problem here:

thanks for the help but unfortunately i saw that post earlier and it did not fix anything. Also, at least for me I never switched between languages while doing the exercises as I only know English.

Sorry you are experiencing technical issues! When you go to Account --> Preferred Language, what is listed there?

Thanks for your patience.

-Codecademy Community Manager

no worries! when I first had the problem I went in Preferred language and it was Spanish; I changed it back to English and it has stayed that way since. But progress did not and has not come back since changing back to English.

No worries though, it is what it is- I am just moving forward through the lessons with aid of my handwritten notes of previous lessons

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