Lost all my progress in the Python 3 Course

I just logged in today to find out all my python 3 coursework has been reset. Is it possible to get it restored?

Not sure, but in any case you’d need to raise a ticket with CS: https://help.codecademy.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Did that already thank you. Thank god I repoed all the projects I did on my github.

Rightio. CS are the only people who’d have a chance of restoring your progress if such a thing were doable.

Might be worth mentioning that the Python 3 material is pulled into a few other larger paths etc, so if you reset one of those then you’d also reset the Python 3 course. Not sure that’s well explained/you’re warned about that when hitting the “reset progress” button. :slight_smile:

Yeah I understand now. I deleted the CS course which in result deleted all my progress on Python 3 :(.

All my lessons were restored however I had to redo all the quizzes and copy paste all the projects back in.

Lesson learned :smiley:

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That’d do it!

Glad to hear you got some of it back, at least! :slight_smile:

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