Lost all my achievements since new version


Since you’ve updated your site all my achievements are back to 0%.
Moreover your /achievements endpoint does not exist anymore and the link on my CV is now broken.
I was at 100% on all courses except “Learn SQL”, “Learn the CLI”, and “Make a website project” which I think are new ones.



I have the same problem. I didn’t lost all, but I lost my progress in spanish courses.
Is there a way to have it again?
Thank you.

Same here for the HTML & CCS course in french completed to 100 %. It’s now appears like if I didn’t done anything :frowning:

Hi Everyone,

Does anything here help you?

Unfortunately, you loose progress when you switch languages. When you switch languages in Codecademy, you can think of it as starting as a new user. Your progress hasn’t been lost—if you switch back to the language you started with, your progress will still be there. I know this is confusing, and we’re actively working on a solution to sort out this issue. I recommend sticking to one language so that your progress remains consistent.

Also, when a user creates an account with an email address then uses a third party authentication account (fb, google) to log in, and their authentication account is connected to a different email. Which means that they end up creating two accounts and the second account doesn’t have any of their progress.

Still seeing errors? Comment below or please report it and include as much detail as you can on our forum here: http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/language-errors/8716g

Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager

Hi Alex!
Thank you for your reply.

I did the courses in both languages. I prefer in spanish, so I had more progress there. But now is lost. I have the medals of that courses but not the progress.
Is there any solution of that?

Thank you again!

Did you change the language in the same course or did you have two separate logins, one for spanish and one for English?

Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager

What do you mean with two separete logins? It’s the same user if you refer to that. But everything always change when I change the language, i know that. For example, when I was doing the Python course in english, and I was at (for example) 20% I decided to do it in spanish because that will help me to understand it better. And started again from 0.

I was checking the page and I found a way to start again with my previews achievements: I don’t know why, but if I enter to the course from the link in the bottom of the page, its work perfectly!
So, I think is ok, but, anyway, there is a problem there that must be fixed.

Thank you a lot!

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