Loss In Linear Regression?

As it was mentioned that , So the total loss, with this model, is 10 . If we found a line that had less loss than 10 , that line would be a better model for this data.

So can anyone explain this more practical in terms of Approach??


a measure of the relation between the mean value of one variable (e.g. output) and corresponding values of other variables (e.g. time and cost).


mean value of y suggests a distribution of y values. The normal of that curve would have slope 0 and pass through y-bar on the E( y)-axis.

If you think this doesn’t mess me up, guess again. Maybe I did learn this 30 years ago, or more, but it’s not fresh in my memory. We’re learning this stuff together, and you will be the sharper mind, no doubt.

As I understand it, we have a bunch of squares that by some magic we will make smaller. Lo and behold…