Losing connection to Codecademy consistently: Something I noticed

Hello everyone,

Months back I was having trouble consistently connecting to codecademy, specifically the workspaces during modules. Like, every 30 seconds disconnecting and reconnecting, causing lost information and lagging. Nothing helped to fix it, even from the troubleshooting guide.
I lived in 3 different areas while this issue was occurring and moved states, and am under a different ISP now.

Well, there is no more connection issue. For the times I was having trouble, I was under Spectrum (in Florida). I now am under Verizon FIOS (Massachusetts).

Maybe this could be a reason for it? I do remember speaking to others that had the exact same issue, maybe this is the reason! Just putting that out there in case anyone else is currently having this problem :slight_smile:

me too especially in the workspace

Yes, I’ve experienced this too. To the point where I’ve been unable to continue with a course and had to leave it till the next day. I tried various locations via my VPN also in case it was location specific. Like them rolling out updates one country at a time or something. But with and without VPN and even a different PC the same connection drops. Frustrating when your time is limited and your paying for the service!

Yeah, I did something similar and even moved 3 times while having this issue, different computers etc. The only common variable was the ISP. Rarely any connection issues now, it’s stable so far (knock on wood) with fios.

Have you had any luck fixing this? I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried difference PC connected on different networks, different browsers, and all the trouble shooting steps. At this point I feel like it’s a problem on their end. I know you posted this over a year ago, just hoping maybe you found a fix

Unfortunately the only thing that I noticed in terms of improvement was changing ISPs… I was having the worst connectivity problems on Spectrum in FL, now I am on Verizon in the Northeast, sorry I don’t have any other explanation beyond that!