Lord of the Rings Random Quote generator


For this project I created a Lord of the Rings random quote generator. When a user runs it, a line of dialog from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is randomly selected, and the character that said it and movie it was said in are identified.

Here is the link to the git repository:

Note: This project utilizes The One API, which is a free API that provides data about the Lord of the Rings books and movies. To run this project you will need to obtain a bearer token from The One API and insert it into the Authorization header on line 4.
Link to The One API: https://the-one-api.dev/

Also, the getMovieName() method includes all the movie names in the database, but the API currently only has quotes from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and not the Hobbit trilogy.

This project took me a couple hours but I enjoyed it.

Anything that I could improve or have done differently? Let me know what you think!