Loosing streak because of a bug


I’ve been programming for 69 days now. I got my “Whoa! You’re on a roll! You’ve coded 60 days in a row!” badge on 2 Nov. Then today I got the message “3 days in a row!”.

This was very strange because I have coded in the Python course each day, but apparently it didn’t register one day, namely “Advanced Topics in Python - List Slicing - 10. Stride Length”. I went back today, my code was still in there, but the exercise wasn’t checked off as finished. I clicked submit and now it registered (and I got the “Great job finishing Advanced Topics in Python!” badge at the same time).

Is there a way to continue my streak? I feel disappointed that a streak of more than 2 months was disrupted by a bug.

Take it on the chin. This comes from the experience of having several streaks come to a crashing end by some fluke of nature. If you are in for the long haul, some streaks are bound to be cruxed.