I am new to programming, and I have started a journey to data analysis using python. I am at the Numpy module now, an under operations using numpy I, I can find a new term “loop”. this is a bit confusing as it has not been mentioned before in the course so far. do I need to learn it by self, or it will be covered later

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If you are completely new to programming then this module will prove a little more advanced than introductory programming in Python. Loops are a core concept of any language, and are usually covered in the basics.

Suggest looking for the introduction to Python unit and cover the basics before embarking on the more advanced topics.

Things to get a handle on at the start, in no particular order…

  • variables
  • math operators
  • comparison operators
  • control flow
  • logical operators
  • assignment
  • data structures
  • loops
  • functions

thank you for the prompt reply. some of the concepts you recommended above has been covered in the course path so far. my question now is should I continue at the course schedule, probably loops will be introduced later, or I should look elsewhere to study loops?

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Access your dashboard and check the syllabus. Any modules that are incomplete that are above the one you’re on should be completed first.


I look to be on track then, I have a 100% completion rate so far. Thanks alot

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