Loops Loopi Loops

Hi fellow learners and experienced programmers,

I am finding the Loops topic (Python) quite challenging. I understand the basic concepts however when I got to the project I completely crashed into despair :cry: :cry: :cry:. Any resources that you might recommend to understand the Loops topic better? I am going to retake the whole section again, however, I feel that I need to break down the subject even further.

Please help.


Hey and welcome to the forums!

It really depends on what you’re looking for exactly and what you’re struggling with. W3Schools is always a great resource to have to hand when doing programming, they have a page on pretty much everything for most languages. Also just googling specific problems of course helps.

If you’re struggling with the concept of a loop, it might be worth going back over the section again or you might consider the Codecademy’s Basics of Programming course. This takes you through learning how to program without specifying a language, and lets you grapple with just the concepts as opposed to learning syntax also. Sometimes I also find that when I’m struggling with a particular concept, just breaking it down on a piece of paper as to what exactly it is doing can help me understand it.

Of course if you’re having a specific coding problem, you are always welcome to ask here. Maybe it’s not so much a concept problem as you’re just struggling on particular syntax quirks. If you have any specific examples of what you don’t understand I would be happy to try give a different explanation!

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like any skill the more you do it and experience it the better you get at it. For specific problems look or ask for specific solutions.

try this:

and this