Looping through strawberries divisible by 5


Oops, try again. Your value for goodStrawberries is incorrect. Check your arithmetic and your loop bounds.

The value I’m getting in the console is 416; I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here…

//You have 500 good strawberries, indexed from 1 to 500
var goodStrawberries = 500;

//For every strawberry whose index is divisible
//by 5, decrement the value of goodStrawberries by 1
for (var i=0; i<goodStrawberries; i++){
    if(i % 5 === 0){
        goodStrawberries -= 1;   


The above code is decrementing the variable in the conditional so it ends the loop prematurely.

var goodStrawberries = 500;

for (var i = 1, j = goodStrawberries; i <= j; i++) { ... }

In the above we copy the value of goodStrawberries into a variable that does not change while the loop runs. This will give the correct result.


That did it, thanks so much!!

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