Looks just like everyone else's answers but not working



I keep getting the error message, "Oops, try again. Did you create a variable called total?" in the interrupter box it says:
File "python", line 1
# Assign the variable total on line 8!
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Below is my code

I'm not sure why it isn't working, my code looks just like the correct answer according to other posts

# Assign the variable total on line 8!

meal = 44.50
tax = 0.0675
tip = 0.15

meal = meal + meal * tax
total = meal + meal * tip

print("%.2f" % total)


Somehow # Assign the variable total on line 8! is throwing it off. Remove that line and you should be good.


Thank you that worked!


Have you tried resetting your code and refreshing your browser?


mkoridik's suggestion actually fixed the problem, but yes I had tried that


Oh..okay! And that's a weird error...it didn't happen to me, or any others I know of...hmm interesting. :confused:


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