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hi i'm liltle bit confused about this, how can we tell javascript to not printout the property value number. i'm trying different if arguments and didnt figureout the correct one,

var languages = {
english: "Hello!",
french: "Bonjour!",
notALanguage: 4,
spanish: "Hola!"
/*var lange = "english";
var langf = "french";
var langs = "spanish";*/

// print hello in the 3 different languages
for( var x in languages){
if( languages[x] == typeof !isNaN){


Possible solution:

if( typeof languages[x] === 'string'){ 


thanks, its the opposite tough. but you give me one clue there

if( typeof languages[x] === 'number'){

im using this one


Thanks for the figuring out of stuff! I hate hate HATE Codecademy's habit of giving vague error messages that don't actually help figure out what's wrong...


Just remember that every error message has to be programmed in by the ones writing the lessons. So while it may not be very specific it's just a thing to keep in mind. Also it's free. Just putting that out there ^.^