Looking to partner with someone for Fullstack Engineering path

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I’m wondering if you can point me in the right direction.

I’m looking buddy up with someone, I’m starting the Full-Stack engineer path and looking for someone doing the same.

This is mainly to make stay focused on the career path. My expectations are that you are starting/just started the full-stack path. I want someone someone who is making progress day-to-day (I will be dedicating at least 4 hours a day), someone who can help me out incase I get stuck, and I will do the same. We can dm each other to make sure we’re both putting in work.

My analogy for a buddy is; I started running 9 miles almost every single day since February. I was a complete noobie to running but I met a stranger locally who wanted to do the same. My buddy (now friend) was there for me in those days I didn’t want to run, by sometimes simply saying “I’ll meet you in 1 hour at x location, I’m not running alone”, and I was there for him. We expect nothing over the top from each other, just buddies who want to improve ourselves. This has made the single biggest difference, so I want to apply that to coding.

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Hello! Did you ever find someone to partner with? If not, have you checked out the Codecademy Chapters (link at the top middle of this page), your Full-Stack cohort, or asking in the Full-Stack channel on Discord (the Chat button at the top middle of this page brings you to the Discord)?