Looking for: Used Codecademy for new career or direction in life, from the Netherlands?

We have a journalist who reached out to us for his article and is looking for anyone who is from the Netherlands and have used Codecademy to make a new career or go in a new direction in life because of this.

Thank you so much for you help,

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager


I’m dutch…and using the CodeCademy environment…
Regards Leon

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I used codecademy to learn to code, but i never used it too change my career. I am from the netherlands.

So, if the journalist still want to interview me, i would want to be. Keep me posted

hi, ik ben benieuwd! Kun jullie mij mailen op spnynke@hotmail.com? Dan zal ik alles even toelichten.
Groeten Nynke