Looking for programming partners


I am very dedicated to beginning in the web development field but at the same time I would like a team to collaborate with and learn from while we grow. I have a very entrepreneurial mindset so I think I would fit right in. Message me if interested in creating a team or if there is a spot open in yours. I am open to anything. Thanks guys appreciate the support and i admire this community hope to be a part of it someday.


am ready to be a patner


I am learning to make a game! I need partners for this and would need a website somewhere down the line!



I start learning web developmetn the last mounth me too! My only knowledges about programming are on C++ and some html from my University!If you still want a member on your team i will be heppy to
participate! i think is better to study and make projects all together as a team!He will reduce the time we need to be Junior Web Developers!


Hello! I am very interested in doing collaborative work with anyone to explore and try new things. :slight_smile:


Hello. I will help too. illusion466@live.com.au if you want me


Hello everyone, I would love to be on the team. I am doing a web developer course and am currently focusing on Javascript, but want to move on to PHP and Python later on.