Looking for People who want to Join a Group/Collab <NON-PROFIT>



This is a non-profit group, just code enthusasist. If you want to join Reply saying so and i will make you join our skype group chat. Already two people in. Add me at Amanuel Bogale in skype or reply or message me in codecademy.

Online Skype: https://web.skype.com/en/


We currently Me Lonely :frowning: . Please PM me if you want to Join!

Thanks, Amanuel


Hey, how are you? What is this about?


speak more of it has so much other places on the web facebook and others to Faler programming


Lol this is a long time ago...... about 8months ago when i started programming..


kind various website which speaks of new programming tips, tutorials,
Free courses, books, jobs, several things


Can you rephrase that?