Looking for people for a JavasScript study group (beginner level, professional aspirations, ~CET+1)

Hey there!

Three weeks ago I’ve started a JavaScript study group (5 people) and it works super well. We are using the same resources, are meeting regularly via live-video-sessions and chat on discord. Once we have a better understanding we plan to do projects together as well.

Overall, I feel this is a great mode for making progress as we have clear learning objectives and hold each other accountable. Since I am part of this, my consistency has significantly increased. Therefore, I decided to organize a few more of these groups in case people are interested.

In our group we also have an experienced mentor who is volunteering to help us out with explanations to important questions during our bi-weekly meetings. I’ll try to find an experienced JavaScript/Frontend Developer for the new groups as well.

In addition, I am happy to help with setting up the structure for the group (how to organize the first get-togethers, how often to meet, and what to discuss).

For who is this?
I think this format provides most value for people who are still beginners to JavaScript and seek to change their careers in the direction of frontend developer. You should either be in or very close to timezone (Central European Time +1, Berlin, Paris, etc.).

So if you are serious about learning JavaScript and are willing as well as able to commit more at least 7 hours a week towards JavaScript, just write me a quick pm or comment this post.



Looking for people to join a JavaScript study group with 5-8 people that follows a structured curriculum and meets regularly for live-video sessions.

You should be:

  • Wanting to use JavaScript professionally (e.g. trying to become data scientist)
  • Located in or close to Central European Time Zone +1
  • Able and willing to spend at least 7 hours a week on learning JavaScript
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