Looking for Pair Programming Peers

I am chijioke ogbonna , currently learning how to code on HTML,CSS and JavaScript. If living in United Kingdom and you are a front -end developer . Please kindly feel free to contact me. I can understand English.

Hi Jamila, nice to meet you, my name is Marianne and I working through the Full Stack Engineer course (currently at 8%). Did you find some one to pair with? If not I am looking for a programming partner so please let me know, I am completely new to this as and am changing career from Logistics, am enjoying it so far, have done Basic HTML and CSS via Mimo and am just finishing JavaScript Basics thorugh the CodeAcademy course.
Did you have any thoughts as to what sort of page you would like to create? :grin:

Hi Marianne,

Nice to meet you. I am at 5% but I have also completed two Fullstack programs and I am currently in a DevOps Bootcamp. So, now I am looking for a programming partner. I wrote website but now I would like to practice leetcode challenges too. Would this work for you? Can you give me until next Tuesday to follow up? Recently, I interviewed for a Software Engineering role. I want to see if I get positive news to understand my load and if it changes. Speak soon and have a great weekend.

Hi Jamila
Thanks for your reply - no problems to see how you get on for the job interview - hope it is good news for you :slight_smile:
Do you mind me asking which other platforms you have done the too full stack programs on? Also, how do they compare to the Codeacademy course?
Take care

Hi Marianne,

I heard I got it. But now they are ghost maybe they are busy. So I move forward on my side. I took Bootcamps via universities. Let me know if you would like to practice leetcode or have a program idea you want to start this Saturday? I ask because knowing data structures and algorithms and show portfolios are really important when interviewing. Thanks.


Hi Jamila
I can do this Saturday but I have to warn you that you seem to be much further advanced than I am, this is my very first start into coding and although I have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I have not done much more than the codeacamdy site and it is all still quite new to me, in fact I didn’t know of Leetcode but have googled it since your email and it looks pretty good. If you are ok with all of this then let’s go for it. Can I ask which country you are in as this will impact the time difference, I am based in UK.
Many thanks
Marianne :grin:

Hi Marianne,

It is not problem for me. I just really wanted to pair programming peer. I am not advanced in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I would say I am Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. I think this is good for at least one of us to be more advanced. Then If you want to work on an app(web or mobile), I am still interested in that too. So that we are ready for Saturday. Do you have a Replit account? If not, can you create it? I think it is a great tool to use for pair programming. Also, I leave in Germany. So the time difference is not huge. I am an hour ahead I think? I am available to meet before 3pm my time, 2pm your time? Let me know what time works.

Hello all!

My name is Sam, I live in Cape Town South Africa and I am looking for some coding geeks/avid learners to get together and learn more about this world of developing.
I am enrolled in the Full Stack course, I have just started and am very much a beginner to developing.

If you live in the Cape Town area and would be keen for meet ups to talk through projects and the like, I am very excited to meet a coding buddy to go on this journey with and hopefully learn a lot from so dm me!

Hello, my name is LadyDigital/ Anna. I’m working through the Full-Stack Career Path.
I’ve completed 7% of the path and I’m looking for someone to pair up with per module 4. I’m in the pacific time zone. Lets collab. I’m looking for an experienced, coder who would like to pick my work apart. If that’s you please DM. TYSM