Looking for Pair Programming Peers

Hey Ethan!

I’m sending you a dm.

I have completed a few programming courses (only Learn JS on Codecademy) and feel comfortable with back-end programming. I am at 7% of the full-stack course today. I am looking for someone with comparable skills to pair program with. I have coded in Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, C++, and a little HTML/PHP. I find coding fun and enjoyable! I would love to start a project with other motivated/like-minded people. Send me a DM, and we can chat. Tea > Coffee guys, cmon.

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Hi all, I’m currently completing both the full-stack developer course and the data science career path. I’m 11% through the Data Science and just about to start the Frida Kahlo project. Does anyone want to do a peer code review with me?


Evening All,

My name is Nic. I’m currently working through utilising and understanding Python. I’ve completed basic python 3 course, command line and blockchain with python. I’m now 50% through intermediate python and 34% analysing data with python. I guess I’m trying to find people who wish to collaborate on this journey and find inspiration into where I should go. I think I’d enjoy AI and automating task in the future but would like to test and compliment my skills with others to gain understanding of the community whilst utilising what I’ve learnt.

Feel free to DM me, I look forward to working with some of you.

I want to pair up with someone who wants to learn data structures and algorithms and I am a competitive programmer so both goals are in the same direction.
I am a college student, anyone interested please let me know.

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Hey everyone,

My name is Ryan, and I just recently completed the Learn Python 3 course, and have also been studying Python, a bit of SQL, HTML CSS and JS outside of codecademy. Currently, I’m about 3% done with the back-end career path (just started it today!). I’d love to collaborate with some fellow learners on a few more personal projects! I’d be more than happy to chat about ideas, and get some foundational ideas going. I really feel like working with others on something that really means something to you is a great way to solidify and “ground” concepts that you have learned. Feel free to DM me, and let’s make some fun stuff that will look great to future employers!