Looking for Pair Programming Peers

Oh great thank you! Where are you now in the career path? I am at 7%.

I am now at 13%, starting with the html

El El mié, 29 sept 2021 a las 15:36, Roxanne via Codecademy Forums <codecademy@discoursemail.com> escribió:

Ah, HTML I am comfortable with :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any help!

lol that’s weird ,I’m in the same phase right now . I’ve completed HTML and currently going through CSS . would be awesome if we can collaborate.

I couldn’t find u in GitHub, Are u sure it’s the same username?

Hello everyone , my Name is Haifa I’m getting through the full stack engineering path .I have completed HTML course and currently finished 40% of CSS . Still, I feel like I had ZERO practice that’s because I never thought of having a coding buddy . If u feel like u can be my coding buddy DM me or find me in GitHub : @hsalnasi Buddy .
see ya there buddy haha

Hello arc, sorry for the late response but yes, my GH should be mibzall.

yes found ya, i just followed you @hsalnasi /Haifa.

Hi, my name is Armando, I’m currently on Full Stack Engineer and I already have 6% complete. I’m looking for someone to collaborate on Costa0910 · GitHub or other platforms if he prefers, greetings.

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Hello, my name is Arafat from Cambridge, UK. I’m working through the Full-Stack Career Path.
I’ve completed 5% of the path and I’m looking for someone at a similar level to buddy up and learn.
Feel free to send me a DM and let’s collaborate :smiley:

Hi, I’d love to collaborate with you, I’m already 6% complete, but I think we could adjust things. I’m saying this because I don’t think it’s the time difference between us. I live in Portugal, greetings.

Hello, I am Frank. I have completed HTML, CSS, Javascript, Building Interactive websites and quite recently, React and Vue. I want someone to collaborate on a project with
Email me: torsur699@gmail.com

Hi Armando
That would be great.
Send me an email to arafatul8@gmail.com
And we can setup communication :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, Jindou here. I’m learning java now, 28% so far, after this would learn algorithm and do leetcode practice. Any coding buddy would like to join? PST is better for us to discuss stuffs, I’m here everyday recently, feel free to contact with me.

Hi Jay, i’m interested in pairing up with you as I am also working on the Data Science path (5%)

Hi @dev0h - thank you for reaching out to me, happy to pair up. Do you have a discord login already? if yes, you can reach me on jayasimhan. Ping me and we can get started.