Looking for Pair Programming Peers

Hello, you can call me Qian , I am learning Data Science Foundations 33% :star_struck:, I’m currently studying the portfolio project on U.S. Medical Insurance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and I’d like to find a few buddies to discuss and exchange ideas with. If you’re interested, please feel free to reply to me. I would really appreciate it!

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Hello there. I am from UK and I am looking for someone who wants to do a pair programming. I have done 20% of the career path in full-stack Engineering course.

Hello, my name is Luis. I’m working through the Flutter and Machine Learning paths.
I’ve completed 12% of the each path and I’m looking for someone to build a simple app with.
Please feel free to send me a DM and let’s collaborate :smiley:

Hi Ozzy I’m also interested in those paths! Would you like to work/grow together?

Hi Francis! I would be interested in working and growing with you :+1:

Hello, my name is Itan. I’m working through the Backend Career Path and Frontend Career Path simultaneously.
I’ve completed 20% of the frontend path, I’ve completed 15% of the backend path and I’m looking for someone to work with the rest of the course as a part of pair programming practice.
Feel free to send me a DM and let’s collaborate :smiley:

Awesome Luis, can’t figure out how to DM on this forum but maybe easiest to connect on discord if you have it? I’ve made some good progress since this post and currently looking for some projects to collab on!

Hi mate! hit me up on frankoprograms and we can do some pair programming! I’m currently 35% of the way through fullstack

Yes I have one. Its luis_28472

Hello guys I am a rookie in programming. I am at 40 % of the Full-Stack-Path. Anyone located in Berlin? Anyone up for occasional meetups to practice together?

Hello, my name is Kenai. I’m working through the Front End Engineer Path. I will eventually move on to the Full Stack Path.
I literally just joined today (Friday 8.25.23).
Feel free to send me a DM and let’s collaborate :grin:


My name is Shun and Im currently learning IOS developer course at 13% and it’s really giving me a headache sometimes and hard to find motivation to go on. After much consideration, I believe I actually do need someone that can guide me or at least listen to my errors. T.T

Please please please I am really friendly. Help a peer out!

Hi everyone, I am Ahmed from Egypt. I am currently at 15% on the backend path and I am looking for someone to peer program with. My time zone is GMT + 3. If anyone is interested please reply.