Looking for Mock Interview Practice

This topic is a space for all learners to find other peers that want to practice interviewing.
Interviewing for dev jobs can be difficult, stressful and intimidating: that’s why practice makes perfect!

How to use this topic


  • Include details of what programming language or coursework you are looking to practice interviewing in
  • Share your general region or timezone to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Add a way for others to contact you


  • Post without first checking the current post (you might find a good peer to match with)
  • Start conversations: this topic is to find others to collaborate with, not a general conversation topic
  • Share personal information that you don’t want shared publicly
  • Get helped without offering help back: make sure you both get practice

Example of a good post

Hello! My name is Fede and I just finished the Python 3 course. 
I'm looking for someone to practice mock interviews on Python data structures and algorithms.
Feel free to send me a DM in the forums if you can help! Thanks :D

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