Looking for help with Github Oauth and ExpressJS

Hey all!

I’m currently working on a project for my portfolio. The goal is to allow a user to write and transpile code in the browser and then be able to save that code to a Github Repo. I’ve already got the front-end set up, with React. But I’m struggling with the backend (it’s not something I’ve had much experience with)

Where I’m really having issues is dealing with the access token after authenticating a user. I need to be able to use that token in all my serverside requests to the Github GraphQL API, but I’m not sure how to store it. Also, every time the user hits the /auth endpoint their previous access_token is invalidated by Github.

I’d really appreciate any help or guidance on this.

Well, I’ve noticed your question here, and I have to be honest, I am absolutely unqualified to help you with my current knowledge :smiley: .

However, I did see this course the other day, and I thought to comment about it in case it helps you. I haven’t coursed it myself though.