Looking for help with <divs>


I have a question if anyone would be so kind to answer. I am a little confused about the names of the divs> Why does it matter that they be called jumbotron or container? I thought they just divided the information they were in between. Actually, I could not even tell the difference between my webpage with and without Divs> A little lost here, would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


Please permit me to be frank, as it is the only answer I can give right now that makes any sense. Learn HTML and CSS before embarking upon this project. By the question you pose I see a cart before the horse and can only remark. Thank you for your indulgence.


In case you want a really simplified explanation, the point of giving them names is so that you can refer to them.

For an analogy, I could say "everyone in this thread, put on blue shirts", but what if I just wanted whirls to put on a blue shirt and everyone else to stay the same? Since we all have names, I can say "whirls, put on a blue shirt".

Without the names it is going to be harder to do that with your divs.