Looking for feedback on Portfolio Project

Hi folks,

I just finished the portfolio project and would love to get some feedback from anyone. It’s been really interesting seeing everyone else’s work posted here.

It took me at least a few afternoons with many little revisions. I’m not much of a designer so I used the example portfolio as a guide, but I didn’t directly copy any code and eventually went in a bit of a different direction.

Also, I am colour-blind which I fear may be apparent by my colour choices (lol).

Here’s the site hosted on GitHub Pages via a NameCheap domain, and the GitHub repository.


Note: The information about me may not be entirely accurate (yet). I do feel a lot knowledgeable at the end of this project so I’d like to go back through and refactor a few things when I get a chance.



I like the simplicity of the page. I‘d be interested in some more background regarding your skills. I am eager to see what you are going to refactor.

Simple, clean design and a good building site. Personally I would format the skills icons differently but thats just my personal choice.
I can see what you mean about the colour choice - they browns are a little dull, but as you are colour blind this is totally understandable.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

  • I liked the simplicity and that I get the main info from the page with a glance.
  • I personally didn’t mind the brown background colour.
  • The white space below the image is pleasing but in other areas the page seems a bit tight, at the top of your photo and especially around the icons and footer.
  • Presently the menu links, aren’t doing much as everything already fits in my viewport but I realise this is just a starting point.
  • There’s a couple of lines on the edges of your photo which I’m trying to figure out if it’s artefact or intentional.
  • Your photo seems well chosen and fits well with the style of your page.
  • Definitely overall I got a good impression! Best of luck in Melbourne.

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the comments and suggestions.

  • I agree about providing more info regarding my background and skills, although I’m really just getting started so there’s not much to add yet. I’ve made a few attempts to get started with coding over the years but only started taking it seriously few months ago. So hopefully I can paint a better picture within the next few months.

  • As far as refactoring, the CSS and JS pages probably only need to be half their current size. I have altered the mobile menu a few times so it’s working and looking better now. The hover pseudo class on mobile creates some weird behaviour but I think it’s ok now.

  • I totally agree about the formatting of the skills icons. It looks horrible. Next task is to change this completely. Thanks for the reminder.

  • The only ‘real’ link in the menu is to the contacts page. The rest is a bit unnecessary given the lack of content. Hopefully this will change as I have more to present here. I just wanted the menu there so I can play around with hover states, media queries and mobile optimization. Definitely learned a lot here.

  • The blurry shadow photo effect I think you’re talking about is intentional. I thought it helped it to blend in, but it also looks a bit dated. A little too Mac OS circa 2007? 'll try removing it.

Thanks again everyone.

Note: I did update the skills section following suggestion. Thanks again.