Looking for feedback on my portfolio project

I am doing the Front End Engineer career path and have just completed my personal fortfolio project.

Actually I have been working on it now for about a month (I jumped ahead of what the class was asking of me )
It actually began from the project in the path (Build a website with HTML, CSS and Github Pages) where I built a website/ potfolio for my wife who is a florist. From there I decided to do the same for myself and add my resume into it as well as what I am doing here.

There is a link in the footer to the historic society, that is actually a 3rd website I am in the middle of creating for the Historical Society my mother is involved with back in Australia, it is a work in progress.
please go take a look and let me know if there are any things I might consider changing.

Thank you.

goto maddarr.github.io