Looking for feedback on my (nowhere near finished) web application

Hey guys :wave:

I’ve been working on a very big project, and have finally finished a version of the app that is shareable and hopefully useable :joy:

A lot of web designers, app designers, etc, share their designs on websites like dribbble with a background behind it. This background might be a plain, solid colour. However, a lot of the times, designers like adding complex backgrounds, and this can be a slight challenge as there aren’t any known free, and easy-to-use programs which allow you to fully customise the background and image of your design

This is where my app comes in :eyes: WideSketch is a tool which allow, mainly designers, to add beautiful, customisable backgrounds to your web design, app design, etc.

There are still many bugs in the application, and the designs are not final. However, I’m looking for feedback to allow me to improve my web app.

Here is the link to my app: https://widesketch-development.web.app/


  • There is no autosave feature implemented yet, so make sure to press the “SAVE” design as soon as you finish editing your design
  • Not all ‘customisation’ buttons work. The “border” and “width” buttons are placeholders and do absolutely nothing
  • This web app is not fully resposive yet, but works well on desktops and most laptops
  • The download feature doesn’t always work on the Safari browser, but works on every other browser

All feedback and critics are welcome :slight_smile:

It would also be great if you could share the designs you have created with WideSketch

Here is my design that I have created using WideSketch (The website in the image is NOT mine, I have only added a background to it using my web app - WideSketch):