Looking for errors in 'status' temporary table in Churn Rates Project

Hi! Here’s another “I’m not getting a result or error code” question about the Churn Rates Project. I combed back through my code comparing it with the code in the walkthrough. I found some little issues, like a missing comma and such like, and have cleaned all that up. I also went through temporary table by temporary table with a

SELECT * FROM [table] LIMIT 10;

command, and everything with the ‘months’ and ‘cross_join’ tables checks out. So I’m on ‘status’ and can’t find what I’m missing comparing it to the code in the walkthrough. I’ve even changed some differences that appear arbitrary (extra parentheses, order of statements in the ‘ AND AND ’ bit of the CASE WHEN commands for ‘is_active_87’ and ‘is_active_30’. No results yet. You all see anything?